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6 months ago

Our Neighbourhoods
Barking and Dagenham is made up of approximately 40 neighbourhoods and counting.. Each has its own story and identity, often made up of memories that stretch back generations. They also have their issues, from a legacy of under-investment in transport, schools, health facilities, and public spaces to the cleanliness of public spaces and the perception of crime and safety. We want every one of our neighbourhoods to benefit as the borough grows.

Our Ambition
This ambition is why we are pursuing major changes in some parts of the borough, like the film studio in Dagenham East, which will raise aspiration and demonstrate that nothing is too good for local people. And its why we are planning to create entirely new neighbourhoods in parts of the borough where old industries have moved on – like Beam Park and the Ford Stamping Plant, in addition to Barking Riverside. These developments give us the chance to provide not only desperately needed new housing but also to shape fantastic new communities, with good transport links, amenities and social infrastructure.

Investing in Infrastructure
Beyond these new developments, we are doing everything we can to attract the investment we need, in new transport options, schools and health facilities, so that we are able to meet the needs of our growing population. For example, we’ve got a new train station opening at Barking Riverside in 2021, but we know that’s not nearly enough. That’s why we’re lobbying for improvements at Barking station and Dagenham Dock station, as well as a further new station at Castle Green and a range of other investments to improve bus provision and opportunities for walking and cycling across the borough.

Cleaner Streets
We also know that we can’t just focus on big projects. To achieve our goals, we also must focus on the everyday, street level improvements that our residents care about most. From tougher enforcement in relation to street waste or fly tipping, to more reliable bin collections, we must get the basics right. And we must work hard to make sure that your streets and high streets are places that you would like to go and spend time, safe and clean with plenty of opportunities for leisure and pleasure.

Our History
Finally, while we are working hard to secure the future of the borough, we also must look to preserve and celebrate the past. The Becontree Estate is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2021. We will celebrate this special anniversary, as we should, by working with residents of the estate to create a ten-year improvement plan, so that it is ready for the next 100.

Tell Us What You Think
There is so much more we are doing to build aspirational and resilient neighbourhoods. This is just the start. Now we want to know what you think. Are we on the right tracks? Please tell us about what your priorities would be in relation to your neighbourhood and tell us what you think of our initial proposals.

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The consultation has now closed.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the conversation. 

Over the coming weeks we will be reviewing your comments and thinking about how we can use your ideas as part of our plans for the borough.

Please continue to visit One Borough Voice for further updates.