Petition rules

    All petition must include:

    • a statement about the petition and what action the petitioner would like the council to take.
    • the name and address of each person that has signed the petition.
    • a signature or email address (if the petition is online) of the person who started the petition along with name, address and contact details.

    How to submit a petition

    Petitions can be submitted to us in three formats:

    You can also hand petitions into Barking Town Hall in person.

    Submit an e-petition

    To create an e-petition, you will need to complete the online form:

    • give your name, postal address and email address
    • decide how long your petition will be open for people to sign up to 12 months)

    Publishing your e-petition

    When you create your e-petition, we will check it is suitable before we publish it online. If we cannot publish your petition, we will contact you to explain why. You will be able to change and resubmit your petition if you wish.

    When your e-petition closes, we will contact you.