Participation: Our initial proposals

6 months ago

Your Opportunity
We want you to play your part as the borough grows. This means telling us what you think at every opportunity and fighting hard for the things that you believe in. We know that we need to get better at sharing, listening and acting on what we hear, whilst working closely with you to develop projects from the get-go. It is vital that every resident is given every opportunity to play their part as the borough grows; to get involved in, and to take control of, regeneration in the borough in the years ahead.

Working Together
So, what does this mean? It means we will work collaboratively with residents living in areas of the borough where there is going to be lots of development, to produce plans that set out their vision and priorities. It means that on every council led development Be First will give residents living close by, or anyone with an interest, opportunities to shape what that development will look and feel like and what it will deliver. It also means that whenever you want to take advantage of your right to produce a neighbourhood plan we will help you to make that happen.

Local Investment
We are finding new ways to use the proceeds from growth to unlock opportunities for you to get involved in shaping your neighbourhood. The community infrastructure levy (CIL) is a charge placed on all development that is reinvested in neighbourhoods and communities, on things that you and your neighbours want to see. We have developed a unique approach to allocating the Neighbourhood element of CIL money in Barking & Dagenham. A panel of residents (the neighbourhood fund residents’ panel) selected at random from the population at large, make decisions about how the money should be spent based on Dragon’s Den style pitches from people and organisations who have ideas.

Community Spaces
If there’s a space or a building in your neighbourhood that we own, that you think that you or your group could use more efficiently or effectively, to the benefit of your community, then please get in touch with us through One Borough Voice. This can be a great way for community groups to expand their activity, or to give themselves a source of revenue in the future.

Make Your Voice Heard
If you ever want to let us know what you think about growth in future, then there are two places to go. First, this site; One Borough Voice; is the place to go to share your views with the council about any issue, including growth and regeneration. One Borough Voice is home to all council surveys, petitions and consultations, including this one! It is also home to the One Borough newsletter, which provides a monthly update on all the important things that are happening in the Borough. Second, Your Call, which is where you will be able to give your views on all individual Be First developments, as well as larger neighbourhood plans.

Watch This Space
We’re working on a brand-new opportunity for you to become more involved in your neighbourhood; the citizen’s alliance network. Coming soon will be an online network and a series of local, in-person groups, open to all, that will give you a voice and way to make change in your community.

Tell us what you think
There is much more we are doing to support our residents to play their part in growth. This is just the start. Now we want to know what you think. Are we on the right tracks? Please tell us about how you would like to get involved in delivering growth in future and tell us what you think of our initial proposals.

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The consultation has now closed.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the conversation. 

Over the coming weeks we will be reviewing your comments and thinking about how we can use your ideas as part of our plans for the borough.

Please continue to visit One Borough Voice for further updates.