conversation forum faqs

    Why has this forum been set-up?

    We think we need it. 

    Looking through the comments in the temperature check surveys, listening to what people have been saying at the managers events, 'coffee's with...' sessions and other feedback, it's clear that many people feel they want and need a way to talk with colleagues in every part of the Council - and at all levels. 

    People who've joined the conversation include senior leadership team, directors and managers. If you see a message from Chris Naylor, it will be from Chris. 

    If you have a question about an aspect of how a service works, we hope people who work in that area will help you understand how things work, and perhaps there'll be a conversation that leads... who knows where!

    Who can join the conversation?

    If you work for Barking and Dagenham Council, you're welcome to join the conversation, you just need a '' email address.

    Can I 'blow my own trumpet'?

    Yes! Please do. Tell people how you or your team solved a problem, improved a service for residents, made a process quicker or smoother. Sharing 'good news' and your ideas is what this space is all about.

    Who monitors the FAQs?

    You do! 

    We expect people to be respectful, supportive and constructive, and while communication colleagues will be checking-in regularly on conversations, it won't be 'policed' in terms of the topics/responses as long as it is within the conduct standards expected by the Council - so no spitting or swearing please! 

    Exasperation is fine and there's no reason to be anxious about contributing an idea or thought that's critical about a service or aspect of how we work.  We hope those kinds of comments will generate solutions, analysis and constructive responses that improve our collective understanding of difficult issues.